How it Works

Early 19th century scientists, Thomas Seebeck and Jean Peltier, first discovered the phenomena that are the basis for today’s thermoelectric industry. Peltier learned that passing current through two dissimilar electrical conductors, caused heat to be either emitted or absorbed at the junction of the materials. With modern techniques, we can now produce thermoelectric “modules” that deliver efficient solid state heat-pumping for both cooling and heating; this means tropical heat in Asia & Africa or freezing cold in North & Eastern Europe, we can now achieve the perfect +4 deg C platform that is ideal for vaccines and other biologicals.

Advantages of Emvólio:
No refrigerants

Zero risk of leakage or cross-contamination

No Motors or Compressors

Easier Maintenance of the Device.

Near Silent Operation

Designed for a quiet Healthcare setup

Blackfrog Technologies has developed a patented design that ensures each of the contents in the cold-chamber is blanketed in a strictly controlled temperature of air. Unlike a conventional refrigerator, we do not circulate cold-air throughout the volume between two pre-set temperature points. This enables Emvólio to be highly energy-efficient and ensure:

  • Uniform-cooling throughout the cold-chamber implying there are no hotspots/coldspots within the cooling area.

  • Rapid Temperature stabilization: This means, every time a user opens Emvólio to retrieve a vial/contents and subjects the cold-chamber to ambient air, the system brings the cold-chamber back to safe-limits (i.e. 2-8 Degrees C) over 96% faster than an ice-based product would. This ensures minimal thermal shock for critical biological samples and thus minimizing loss.